Facebook’s Free Basics Blocked in Egypt

After India, it’s now Egypt’s turn to block the american social network’s free version of the Internet.

Free Basics, which arrived in the country through a partnership between Facebook and the operator Etisalat, is said to have allowed more than three million people to connect to the service in Egypt.

For now, the reasons behind the decision for the banning of “Free Basics” in Egypt are not clear. Facebook, meanwhile, said in a statement that the company intends to “solve the problem”.

The news will not greeted with sadness by all because, despite the service being presented as an almost humanitarian initiative by Mark Zuckerberg, activists and entrepreneurs see it as a violation of the principle of network neutrality.

It is a new setback for the “Free Basics” Project (previously called Internet .org) after the service was also been blocked in one of the most important markets for the social network, India.

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