ATF Partners With MEST To Invest In African Startups

African Technology Foundation (ATF) and Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) announced that they are partnering to invest in African startups. In a joint effort, they want to help create the next generation of African technology entrepreneurs.

According to a post on Techcabal, ATF and MEST want to redefine the future of young men and women pursuing a career in technology entrepreneurship in Africa. They believe that by addressing key challenges, proposing new waves of investment, and innovation in African-led technology enterprises, they can achieve their goals.

“There are quite a number of synergies between our organizations that make this partnership rather timely. Central to this theme is the bridging of knowledge gaps for aspiring African entrepreneurs that are either starting new ventures or scaling up their existing operations.” said Stephen Ozoigbo the founder of African Technology Foundation.

MEST and ATF most recently collaborated to support four of the winning teams from DEMO Africa while they toured Silicon Valley and did everything from pitch 500 Startups’ Dave McClure at an emerging Markets Forum in Napa Valley to present their businesses on the main DEMO Silicon Valley stage following the likes of presenters including Steve Wozniak and Peter Thiel.

With this new partnership, one can begin to expect to see that the gaps between innovators in Africa and Silicon Valley get thinner and possibly bridged.

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