Winners of #PitchDay237 Announced

Cameroonian technology incubator – ActivSpaces Cameroon has announced the winners of Pitch Day 237 that will participate in their accelerator program called Activation Bootcamp.

AfriqueITNews earlier reported about 10 startups to compete for entry into ActivSpaces’ accelerator program (Activation Bootcamp) during the Pitch Day 237. Activation Bootcamp is to be a six month accelerator offering startups funding, mentorship and support valued at XAF4.6 million (US$8,500).

Pitch Day 237 took place on Saturday, January 31, with each participating startup given five minutes to pitch their idea, followed by five minutes of question time.

The four startups winning places on the Activation Bootcamp are:

1. Kwiizi: Kwiizi’s vision is to become a great platform to interconnect universities, to communicate, share data and become a kind of supermarket for education.

2. Interactive Media Xperience (IMX) Systems: IMX is a WiFi entertainment for the African transportation industry. Plans to leverage their position to introduce, through their platform, a digital content marketplace.

3. New Era Publishers: New Era wants to create the “African Disney” which will be the best package of entertainment for kids and teens in Africa.

4. wants to enrich the television viewers experience by creating a central virtual place where viewers worldwide watching the same program can connect to discuss and share their emotions in real time.

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