Zambia: Awesome Foundation Offers $600 Grants Monthly

The Lusaka chapter of Awesome Foundation is inviting submissions for two US$600 grants for Zambian entrepreneurs with “awesome” ideas this January, and subsequently, one $600 grant for every other month.

As found on their website, they say “Whether your idea is about bringing light to dark matter, generating higher yielding farmland in Sub-Saharan Africa or putting on a music festival in Lusaka, we’re keen to support your ideas.

The initiative was to begin in December 2014, but no one was awarded the grant in December, so this January, two $600 grants will be awarded.

Awesome foundation indicates that they will love to support ideas with the following criteria:

  1. Moonshot ideas – projects that think big and if they succeed, could change the world.
  2. Local ideas – projects that will make things better or brighter for people right here and now.
  3. Purposeful ideas – projects that creatively and responsibly solve some of the many challenges that surround us everyday.
  4. Empowering ideas – projects that help others achieve something great, or that grow as more and more people get involved.
  5. Achievable ideas – projects that not only sound exciting but are feasible and will get off the ground.

They also make it quite clear that applicants should have a succinct plan detailing exactly how they plan to spend the grant money to make their idea a reality.

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