South Africa: Elon Musk to Invest $10bn to Build Internet In Space

PayPal? That’s nothing! Electric cars? naaah! Hyperloop… Well ok, maybe Hyperloop is actually something. Now, Internet in space? Elon Musk, the 43 year old South African behind all these crazy endeavors now wants to put Internet in Space for interplanetary use.

While Facebook and Google are toying around with ballons and drones to improve on internet reach here on earth, Musk is taking the internet to higher heights. After all, he is the CEO of a space taxi company, SpaceX.

At times, it feel like Musk wants to put the writings of George Lucas’ Star Wars into real life.

This project might take several years and up to 10 billion USD. But, he is clearly not afraid. He read a complete encyclopedia as a kid and took Rocket Science studies at home.

Elon Musk is always a light from Africa to the world.

To infinity and beyond!

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