Centrum Foundation Opens Application For Startup Funding

Centrum Foundation, an organization that aims to provide innovative Startups and SMMEs with the capital and business development tools they need to propel their growth through a business incubator opens applications for funding for African startups and SMMEs. Click to apply

The world over, Entrepreneurship is lauded as a driving force of many great and soon-to-be-great economies. It is through entrepreneurship that important innovations enter the market, and lead to new products or production processes which eventually increase efficiency; thereby increasing diversification & stimulating competition,” says the firm.

Centrum recognizes the large role that innovators and entrepreneurs play. As such, they have founded the Centrum Entrepreneurship Foundation to promote entrepreneurs in the following ways:

1. Helping innovative SMMEs (that might otherwise be unable to obtain finance) with access to:

  • Knowledge,
  • Capital,
  • Markets and
  • Business Incubation

2. Attracting partners to the venture to increase scale, diversity and quality of business solutions that are introduced into the economy

The foundation will effectively identify and invest in ideas, start-up companies and existing small businesses, and turn them into market leaders of tomorrow.

The SMMEs will be identified through a thorough and transparent process that will culminate in a presentation before a panel of judges. These judges awards funds and recommends incubation services for promising SMMEs as needed. The funds will then be disbursed according to the terms agreed by the Investment Committee.

If you think you fit the criteria for the fund, apply here.

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