AfriLeaks looks To Expose Corruption in Africa

AfriLeaks launches to connect whistle-blowers to journalists anonymously, so as to expose corrupt leaders, point out instances of human rights abuse as well as sensitive information anonymously.

AfriLeaks believes that investigative journalism can be boosted by allowing users to tip journalists with information or documents for the issue to investigated and shared among afriLeaks’s news partners.

The site promises whistleblowers anonymity so they can leak sensitive information knowing there’s protection for them and their loved ones.

AfriLeaks is built on the philosophy that “The press checks those in power, and exposes misconducts or abuse of power. The media has the resources to do so.”

After a leak is posted on the site, journalists will investigate, ask critical questions, and ensure all parties involved are asked about their side of the story and then their work will be published by newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, or television programs.

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