HONY Shows Africa In New Light.

The manager of what is often described as the best thing to come out of Facebook, the “Humans of New York” (HONY) page, has embarked on a “world tour” to show it through his very specific angle.

Sponsored by The United Nations, the 50 day trip has taken Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the enormously popular website, to Africa for the first time. What ensues is a series of beautiful pictures that are sure to show the continent in a new light.

Shafiq Zaib‘s comment on the social network says it best: “This is the single most greatest thing to have happened to Facebook. With media corporations disseminating news the way they do, this is the most unfiltered and unbiased information you will receive about humans and their lives. Both about the people here at home in America, and now for people all across the globe – Simply taking a look at the thousands of Americans commenting on Brandon’s photos, and their astonishment of how HUMAN people in other parts of the world are, you understand better the implications of how dehumanizing mass media has been for the general public.

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