Rwandan THINK Incubator to Offer $15 000 Seed Fund to Startups

Incubators and tech hubs are all the rage in Africa lately. They represent a great opportunity for african entrepreneur by offering them office space, a stable internet connection and mentorship to unleash their project’s potential. Based in Kigali, THINK is one the rare ones to offer this opportunity to the whole continent.

Having received 80 applications to date (50% from Rwanda), THINK (which stands for The Hub IN Kigali) will be accepting applications for the first batch of entrepreneurs to participate in the program until then end of August.

5 startups based in Africa will then be selected to participate in the 6 months program. They will have access to a $15 000 seed fund in exchange for a 10% equity ownership. Selected entrepreneurs established outside Rwanda will be allowed to use their seed funding for travelling or housing costs.

While there are no plans to immediately replicate the initiative, THINK will serve as a pilot which, if successful, will undoubtedly motivate the launch of similar incubators in other african countries where the Millicom owned TIGO brand is active.

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