Roaming charges to be scrapped in these 4 african countries

According to the government of Rwanda’s website, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan have mutually agreed to adopt a regional telecommunications framework for a “One-Network-Area” by 31 December 2014.

The agreement, which is sure to be met with excitement by the populations of the 4 countries, was signed by responsible Ministers from each member state on the sidelines of the 6th Northern corridor Integration Summit.

The One-Network-Area is being implemented as a result of resolutions made during the 5th Heads of State Summit for the Northern Corridor Integration Projects held in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2014.

The regional framework for the One-Network-Area applies to telephone calls originating and terminating within the region and mandates members to adopt the following: Exemption of regional calls from surcharges applied by member states on international incoming calls. No additional charges to subscribers on account of roaming within the region. And no charges for receiving calls while roaming within the region.

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