Ivory Coast: Mobile Operators Fined for Poor Quality of Service

Ivory Coast Telecommunication’s regulation authority, ARTCI, has imposed a ban all mobile operators for their poor quality of services.

Following an audit of the quality of the different networks available to Ivorian citizens, 6 operators have been handed fines to the amount of 2 800 000 USD, with operator MTN receiving the lion’s share of the bill.

“In the past,” said Bile Diéméléou of ARTCI, “when an operator failed to meet its obligations to service quality, it was in his interest, given the relatively low amounts of the penalties to be imposed, to pay the regulator rather than to make investments to improve the quality of service of its network. “, “Insufficiency corrected,” he says, thanks to the order of 21 March 2012. “Now, the specifications for 3G mobile operators in 2012 and approved in May 2014, impacts directly on the operator’s yearly turnover with a rate ranging from 3% to 5% in case of recurrence. “

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