4G Coming to Chad and Cameroon

After introducing 4G in Ivory Coast, ISP YooMee Africa is now planning to enter new markets.

The company will receive financial support from the African Fund for Guarantee and Economic Cooperation (FAGACE) for deployment of 4G in Cameroon and Chad.

According to Investiraucameroun.com, the announcement is a surprising one since, while the Chadian government did issue a 3G and 4G license to telecom operator Airtel in April 2014,  there is still speculation about 3G monopoly in Cameroon. The license was granted to third mobile operator Viettel for 2 years in 2012, but it is only expected to launch its activities in September 2014, after two postponements occurred in January and March.

It should come as a major boost for both countries, as 4G opens the doors to a whole range of new services subscribers will be able to have access to.

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