Central African Republic government looking to ban SMS

In Central African Republic (CAR),  a surprising news is surfacing on social network, implying that the government is looking to ban Short Messaging Services, in order to prevent the country from going into even further turmoil. 

According to reports circulating on Twitter, the instruction emanated from the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic himself, asking for the mobile operators to simply ban their subscribers from using Short Messaging Services. From June 2nd onward, residents should not be able to send SMS throughout the country’s territory. 

The move is said to be a preventive action aimed at stabilizing the nation, while there were calls for general and massive strikes. While the banning of SMS puts a real spanner in the works of those looking to entice the populations to partake in even more violence, it also seems to be a rather radical mesure that puts those looking to communicate with their loved ones in a rather complicated situation.

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