launches version 2.0

The platform, which is often described as the african version of, aims to show the world a different version of Africa.

On YeelenPix, you won’t only find beautiful pictures of the african savannah, you will also discover a continent going through transformation, urbanising, opened to new technologies and having fun.
You will discover Africa’s rich culture, its beauty and its fashion sense, all this through daily scenes and common african thematic” said CEO Moussa Fofana.

A few months after launching the platform,  Moussa and his 3 co-founders (Alex Poblah, Maguette MBow and Céline Crespin) are now listing 44 photographs selling african pictures on the marketplace.

While the Startup is still to really catch on, it is really only a matter of time until the many marketing agencies on the continent signup to stop using pictures of african americans and switch to real africans characters in their advertising campaigns.

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