Yeah Google +, stuff like that is why nobody likes you…

Things like the Hasselhoff photobomb April fools’ prank, shows that Google + is still mainly a place for geeks with a weird sense of humour.

Google loves April fools’ pranks. And lets face it, we love Google’s pranks. Each year, the american giant seems to get better at making us lol. Only, this time, I have to say I think Google dropped the ball.

On April 1st, Google allowed you to “fake photobomb” the Hoff on one of your pictures. It is fun, i’ll give yout that. But it is not cool. The cool kids probably havent even heard of k2000.

While David Hasselhoff has had a great career, he is no longer considered a cool actor. He is now a very succesful… singer in Germany. The fact that the Google team decided the former Baywatch star was a good choice to make the Google + brand more fashionable, is a good example of why the social network is not picking up steam, as it should, and why it is still widely seen as an empty town populated by glasses (not TM) wearing nerds.

So get your act together and get us some Bruno MARS next year, Google.

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