Cotonou is happier than Los Angeles. We have proof.

A couple of months ago, ageless american singer Pharrell Williams disrupted the music video industry with a 24 hour long recording of happy people wandering around the streets of Los Angeles. The thing is, the video made headlines a little too soon in my opinion…

Indeed, only a couple of months later, an even HAPPIER version of that video came out of Cotonou, BENIN. The country, which incidently was recently unveiled as the very same nation Sir Williams originates from, was the scene chosen by youtuber Stéphane Brabant to showcase his talent.

The country’s beautiful culture is perfectly captured in the faces of the people dancing to the “Undespicable Me 2” soundtrack on the streets of this amazing city. Words will not do this video justice so i’ll just shut up. Enjoy.



So, who would you say is happier?

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