Ivorian made educational tablet to be unveiled during Mobile World Congress

Qelasy is the name given to the tablet, which could soon be available to consumers all over Ivory Coast. 

While some might consider the touted selling price as redhibitory for its intended usage, a closer look at the current state of things in Africa will quickly make them change their minds.

Indeed, the tablet is expected to be sold for around 274 Euros and will cover course material from 1st grade all the way to university. That equals to the price of about 5 books for the  common african high schooler.

Qelasy will sport an 8 inch screen, quad core 1Ghz processor, 16Gigs of internal memory and will be dust and water resistant.
Expected to be unveiled at MWC in Barcelona, the tablet has been conceived in Ivory Coast but built in China. According to JeuneAfrique.com, the team behind the project is made up of 5 people. Qelasy should be available for retail from May 2014.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com 

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