Senegal: The African Digital Library unveiled by NADE

New African Digital Edition ( NADE ) in partnership with 12 other major african publishers, unveiled the African Digital Library ( ) on Tuesday, Dec. 17, a web platform dedicated to African litterature. will let you find , buy, download or order , collections and digital books from authors and publishers in Africa, which can be played on computers, tablets , smart phone and readers.

The library’s beginnings are judged to be modest by its instigators “But a long journey begins with a first step” they announced. That first step will consist of 120 very varied publications: novels, stories , poetry, African development , ethnology , biographies, religion, law and taxation.

Dozens of other African publishers are in discussion with NADE , on the basis of its co-publishing and digital distribution proposal, which suggests a potential of several thousand titles to offer readers Africa and around the world . The objective is to increase the love of reading by making it more accessible thanks to a new medium.

The platform has been realized by the senegalese company SENTICAD. At the time of writing this post, it was not possible to make purchases or downloads on the site.

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