Mauritius: Pedestrians banned from using mobiles

Used anywhere, at anytime , they can prove to be a danger to their users. On a global scale , many agree that they are often the cause for many accidents on the road. They, of course, are mobile phones.

While they keep on rewriting the scripts of our daily lives with their almost unprecedented impact, states and governments are doing their best to keep the order of things in place in front of such a “disruptive” technology. Indeed, the Government of Mauritius is preparing a law which should be in vigour as early as January 2014. This law prohibits pedestrians from using their phones while walking on the side of the main roads.

According to an adviser to the Prime Minister on road safety, Ben Buntipilly, this mesure should reduce the number of accidents on the road, particularly among younger mobile users, who are generally less careful, crossing roadways phone to ear, or while tapping it .

Heavy fines will be given to those who do not obey the law. My trip to Mauritius will have to wait …

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