Senegal: $34 000 seed funding from ARTP for 5 Startups

The african tech ecosystem in french speaking countries has often been criticized for its perceived sluggishness when it is compared to its english speaking neighbours, but it seems Senegal is taking steps in the right direction.

It is during a monthly event called ConneCTIC organized by the incubator CTIC at hotel Terou Bi, that cheques ranging from 1 to 7 million FCFA ($2 000 to $15 000) were offered to 5 startups by the ARTP, the Agency for Telecommunications and Postal Regulation.

The 5 startups have benefited from the new seed fund set up by the ARTP and CTIC, who recently signed an agreement to work together towards a stronger startup infrastructure in the country. SamaEvent , Bosanda and Mlouma in partnership with Voxygen were all awarded $2 000.

The big winners were the startups Tong Tong, which offers Senegalese Internet users a platform to make group purchases and Genius, a software startup localised in the Thies area, where it provides software tailored to the needs of the populations of their city. Both have received cheques worth $14 000.


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