Senegal: Order your sacrificial sheep online

As Senegal is gearing up for its most important holiday of the year, a new website, has popped up on the internet to relieve the tech savvy populations who have had a hard time getting their hands on a Sheep.

Indeed Eid el Adha, locally referred to as Tabaski, is the main event of this country’s 94% muslim population. It was only a question of time until some entrepreneur decided to tackle the issue and offer a technological solution to the head scratcher that is the purchase of an affordable sheep that will then be sacrificed.

The website called (my sheep) offers a wide range of sheeps going from $80 to more than $2000. While visiting the website, you can see pictures of the different sheeps on offer, pick the one you want, then call the salesman and pick it up. It would seem the owners of the website do not make money from the sale of sheeps,  but rather from advertising on the platform.

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