Mali: Orange Faces Lawsuits


Orange Mali has been the subject of discontent from its customers. A lawsuit has been filed at the trade tribunal by the Association Malienne des Revendeurs de Cartes* (AMACR) to denounce unfair competition after the raise in commercial price of $2 Air-time cards. The AMACR denounces the $0.06 raise on the $2 cards commercial price which used to be of $1.80.

The online news site maliweb has informed that the “trial which began on Friday August 30th will be done through writing. In other words, the plaintiff will have to address a letter to the court and Orange Mali will be required to answer in within 30 days.” 

Another complaint was filed by Dr. Adama TRAORE, the president of the consumers association in Mali. “According to Dr. Adama TRAORE, the author of the complaint, the lawsuit speaks of the $8,000,000 that Orange Mali received solely from calls landing on voicemail.” Orange Mali had to come before the judge on Thursday.

*Malian Association of Air-time Card Resellers

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