5 Things You Need To Know About Samsung’s Gear

Yesterday, Samsung presented its smart watch, Galaxy Gear! There wasn’t really much of a surprise as leaks appeared on VentureBeat showed the watch in its glory.

The Korean SmartWatch has been the topic of the geek world. Should you buy it? When will it make its way to Africa? How much will it cost? Here are the 5 facts or rumors on the Galaxy Gear.

1- It will be available in 140 countries starting September 25th

One of Samsung’s biggest strengths comes from its unmatched distribution channel. Samsung is on all continents, at every street corner. In Africa, the Samsung stores have become mini-mall where potential customers come and window-shop. They will now be staring at the new Galaxy family member starting on September 25th.

2- It should cost about $300 in Africa 

Although the prices vary according to the countries, most products released by Samsung in Africa are usually about the same price.

There hasn’t been any official announcement pertaining to the price yet, but the rumor has it that it will go on sale for $300.

3- You can make calls with it but it will only work with the Galaxy Note 3 

The watch has a microphone beneath it and will makes its owners look like actors from sci-fi movies when they answer or make call phones from..their arm.

The watch isn’t autonomous at the moment and will only work if paired with the latest Galaxy Note coming from the Korean manufacturer.

4- What’s in it? 

800 MHz Dual-core processor

1,63 inch screen with Super AMOLED (320×320)

A 1,9 megapixel Camera with BSI Sensor

A 4G internet memory and 512 MB (RAM)

It will be 36,8 x 56.6 x 11. mm and be as light as 73.8g

5- 25 hours of battery life 

The watch will come packed with several applications such as Atooma and the note sharing and saving application Evernote.

Will you be buying the Gear? Or would you rather wait and see what Apple has in store?


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