Nestlé and Android Partner Up for Next OS




Google’s operating system has made itself leader in the highly prized mobile market. Through his Google + page, Sundar PICHAI, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Google Apps have announced that over 1 billion devices have been activated to date. He also announced that the android update will not be called Key Lime Pie, like the rumors had previously announced, but Kit Kat after the famous chocolate snack by Nestlé!

The partnership between the two companies was confirmed although the two have stated that no money was exchanged after the signature of the deal. Rumor has it that Google offers its late night developers Kit Kats as snacks in its venues and that’s what inspired the deal.

Nestlé has been able to make use of the buzz generated by the announcement by offering Kit Kat bars that will enable people to win Nexus 7 or points on Google Play. 


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