Microsoft Launches BizSpark in SA


Microsoft South Africa has announced the official launch for its BizSpark program. The program aims to boost entrepreneurs and small business owners. To do so, Microsoft has sealed a partnership with the South African Employment Fund (which gave the initial money for the project).

The BizSpark program will provide support to companies through incubators and accelerators while connecting them to key players in the industry.

The Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa, Mteto NYATI stated, ” there is a huge explosion of the youth in South Africa and if they have nothing to do, then we have a problem. As a company, we designed the initiative to help the youth and I also have a strong bias towards the youth.”

To enter the BizSpark program, the startups must be specialized in software development, they must be private and with less than $487,000 of yearly revenue and less than 5 years of existence.

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