Africa Connected: Share Your Success Story With Google



The web giant Google has just launched a contest geared towards African netizens. The contest wants to showcase the African success stories that came about through the use of the web. If you are a photographer, entrepreneur, fashion designer or community activist and that the Internet and Google’s tools have played an important part in your success, Google would like to hear your story.

The contest by the name of “Africa Connected” wants to show another side of Africa, the one that technological innovation has helped shape.

Africa Connected is focused on showcasing everyday success stories being made with the help of the web and Google,” says the website dedicated to the contest.

Although the contest aims at gathering a collection of inspiring stories made possible thanks to web tools, only five participants stand a chance to win $25,000 and the opportunity to work with Google mentors for six months.

The deadline for submission is on October 11th 2013.

You can sign up HERE

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