5 African Countries in Facebook’s Global Government Request Report


Facebook has just published its first report on data requests from various governments around the world called the Global Government Requests Report.

Ivory Coast, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana and Egypt are the 5 countries in Africa that have contacted Facebook to gain such information. The number of requests made, the number of accounts that were “handed over” and the correlation between the two over the first semester of the year 2013 were included.

While countries such as France have made up to 1,547 requests, Ivory Coast only made 4, which according to Facebook’s statistics did not follow through. South Africa and Egypt didn’t fare any better with their respective 14 and 8 requests.

As time goes by, Facebook its making its way more and more in the daily lives of Africans; the list of African countries in the list should grow quickly.

Click HERE to read the report released by Facebook.




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