Swaziland: Raspberry Pis to Enter The Classroom


After furnishing an IT lab with Pis in Cameroon, Raspberry Pis is to furnish a primary school in Swaziland.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo that will help set up an IT lab that will be entirely equipped with Raspberry and Motorola Atrix (a device that allows the nano-computer to be used as a laptop.) The Pis will be used to teach the Sidvokodvo primary school students about IT tools.

The Sidvododvo students will hae access to:

  • Offline versions of Wikepedia
  • Word processing softwares
  • Maths at the Khan Academy

These Raspberries will also allow the introduction to programming at an early age.

At 19 days until  the end of the campaign, only $205 are left out of the $2,755 to complete the project.

The campaign has been led by a volunteer by the name of Piers Duffell.

If you wish to support the project: Raspberry Pi Computer Lab

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