Rapid FTR: An App To Help Reunite Families


A young student from New York University, Jorge JUST has created an application that allows families that have been separated by wars or natural catastrophes to re-unite. The application available on smartphones is called Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification (Rapid FTR  has received money from a humanitarian innovation fund.

“Mr. Just found that older systems for lost children depended on lots of legwork, picture walls and suitcases full of paper-based forms that were manually entered into large databases,” published the New York Times on August 19th.

With the application, volunteers in the numerous camps will have information and photos of the children that they will be able to show to the refugees so that their parents can be found.


According to UNICEF, the Rapid FTR app has help reunite families in a few hours as opposed to the several weeks it took. In South Sudan and Uganda, 70 children have been able to find their family members thanks to the application.


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