, A Social Network Honoring Mandela

BY AMIN NIANG, a social network launched by 2 of the former South African President is now open to the public.

The site, which has been in beta mode since March, has been designed to be a space where the users can share their thoughts and articles inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize. Ndaba MANDELA and Kweku MANDELA AMUAH are behind the platform. The former is the President of Africa Rising, a non-profit organization that aims at promoting innovation and development in Africa. The latter is a partner at a production company.

“It’s a social network around the inspiration my grandfather gave to the world,” said Ndaba MANDELA. “People can share what Mandela inspired them to do, to give back to their communities,” he added.

In other words, the platform will serve to perpetrate the thoughts and ideologies held by Madiba using the internet.

During its beta phase, the platform had close to 1,000 members. Ndaba MANDELA has declared that his priority at the moment was to make the site credible and pleasant to the users.

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