Zuckerberg’s Wall Hacked!


A young Palestinian hacker called KHALIL has just proven to the nay-sayers that sharing sensitive information on Facebook is simply a bad idea by hacking Mark ZUCKERBERG‘s wall. The hacker, considered as a “White Hat” (hackers with good intentions) had spotted the bug on Facebook that allowed him to write on the walls of any Facebook user.

The accepted policy is that once the bug found, the person who found it can win a reward of at least $500. However, after contacting Facebook several times to report the problem but to not avail. After providing proof of the bug’s existence, the young Palestinian was told that the report problem wasn’t actually a bug. Can anyone really blame KHALIL for deciding to post on ZUCKERBERGs wall to prove that there really was a bug?


Unfortunately for Khalil, this means that he won’t be getting the reward for finding the issue. He did indeed use the bug (thus going against the established policies for rewarding hackers on Facebook.

A small reminder that one should remain careful of the information shared on social networks…

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