One African Carrier in the GSMA Top 20


GSMA, the world association of mobile operators has just revealed its Top 20 of the biggest network providers; a ranking based on the number on established connections by the carrier and its revenues on mobile during the first quarter of the year 2013.

  • Vodafone Group, was ranked 2nd with 318,95 million connections and a $54,50 billion revenue.
  • Orange, was ranked 8th with 140,20 million connections and $26 billion of revenue
  • or even Bharti Airtel Group was ranked 9th with 269,84 million connections and $12,58 billion in revenue.

The South African MTN, the proud representative of the continent was ranked 13th with 153,53 million connections and $13,96 billion in revenue.

This ranking also featured 3 Chinese companies that are growing. Although China Mobile remains at the top of the list with $726,31 million connections and a yearly revenue of $90,44 billion, China Unicorn went from being 7th to 5th, while China Telecom went from 13th to 11th.

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