HTC Gets “Iron Man” To Boost Sales


Though reportedly selling the best android phone on the market with the its metallic One, HTC has seen its sales have dropped for the eighth consecutive quarter making its stock drop by 6.7%. Its direct Asian competitor, Samsung on the other hand has seen its sales for with the Galaxy S4 hit over 20 million sold units.

It is believed that part of Samsung’s great success comes from its very aggressive marketing campaign and the use of endorsements of stars such as Jay-Z. In the hope of making a total turnaround, HTC has decided to bring actor Robert Downey Jr. on board for a $1 billion marketing campaign emphasizing on the brand’s desire to change moving from simply being a “High Tech Computer Corporation” to being the brand that is “Here To Change”.

It would be interesting to see if Iron Man’s intervention will be able to bring HTC back to life as it would be sad to see the company close its doors despite the fact that it continues to deliver quality products.

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