Cameron Asks to Boycott

BY EDITOR 2 is a social network where users can receive questions from both identified and anonymous users.
The site was launched on June 16th 2010 and has over 60 million users. Celebrities of all sorts have taken part of the network by answering some of the most intimate questions from their fans.

The platform, however, is making headlines in the UK where David CAMERON, himself, has asked for the boycott of the site which he believes to be at the origin of the suicide of 4 young British.

ask fm logo 512x185 Cameron appel au boycott de

It would appear as though the teenagers were trolled (harassed by online bullies) and this lead to their suicide. According to the British Prime Minister, the very fact that questions can be asked anonymously is to blame for to the tragedy caused by the site.

Many sponsors and advertisers have already put an end to their partnership with (Save the Children, eBay, BT, McDonald’s, Phones 4U, Specsavers and Vodafone, who have already removed all advertisements on the site).

Ilja Terebin 2134062 Cameron appel au boycott de

Although the site which generates over $30 million in advertising, Mark and Ilja TEREBIN, the two brothers who own the site, are now depicted as cold-blooded Russian Playboys by the English media as they have refused to resolve the problem fearing that they would lose revenue from their platform.

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