Yahoo! Buys Rockmelt




Yahoo! isn’t quite done with its shopping spree! The online mogul just bought itself yet another Startup which makes it Marissa MAYER‘s 21 acquisition since she has been at the top of the company.

Rockmelt, Yahoo!’s latest acquisition, is a startup that was created in 2010 that allows to combine turns online web-browsing social by integrating sharing tools on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Nothing has been said about the amount of the transaction, but rumors are speaking of numbers going as high as $70 million. The group thus concluded its 21st buyout since the beginning of the year after failing to by the French online video sharing platform Dailymotion.

The Californian giant has already bought famous companies such as Tumblr, Qwiki, Ztelic etc…

We are anxiously waiting for Marisa MAYER‘s call and 13 digit offer to buy AfriqueITNews….


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