The LinkedIn “Scandal”


LinkedIn, struck a nerve with feminists… According to the professional social network, a beautiful woman cannot possibly be a web developer.

An ad from Toptal putting forward a beautiful young woman (see the photo) who is presented as a web developer was deleted. For what reason you may ask? “This woman is too pretty to be a web-developer.” 

Toptal had posted several ads on the social network in order to recruit new profiles. One of them feature Florencia ANTARA, web developer at the company and was deleted.
Toptal accuses LinkedIn stating that, “the fact of the matter is: members of the tech community (LinkedIn users) saw it as impossible that our female engineers could actually be engineers, and a leader of the tech community (LinkedIn) agreed with them.” The social network defended itself by stating that it encountered issues and has insured that has taken the necessary measures to bring back the ad.

Perhaps LinkedIN should take a trip to Africa, see our community and perhaps then they would change their minds…seriously…


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