Every Minute On the Web…

A little statistics early Monday morning, can’t hurt…

What happens on the web at any given minute? That’s a question the Qmee agency has attempted to answer by providing an infograph showcasing the activities of the web’s biggest companies.

webpar minute 3 Le web minute par minute...

Quite impressive numbers:

  • Facebook saves 350 Go worth of data
  • 278,000 tweets are posted on Twitter
  • $83,000 are spent on Amazon

Some surprising numbers:

  • 104,000 photos are shared on SnapChat
  • 20 million photos are viewed on Flickr
  • 20,000 new photos are published on Tumblr

These numbers would have been even more impressive had the agency not tried to omit a few numbers such as those on pornographic sites, or even those from the Chinese sites Baidu and Weibo which are the respective Chinese equivalents of Google and Twitter.


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