The FBI Can Spy On You As Pleased


According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI has the ability to remotely activate the applications on your Android or the mic on your laptop without your permission.

This information will only put another stain on the image of the American secret services, especially after all the chaos that came with the PRISM scandal.

Remote listening certainly isn’t new, but according to the report published by the Wall Street Journal, the news worthy information comes from the fact that the FBI has an entire unit dedicated to such an activity. In fact, with the help of software crafted for the FBI or products bought from specialized firms, the investigative unit can spy on whoever has caught its attention.

According to sources cited by the journal, the “Remote Operations Unit” can install the spying software by plugging in a physical device such as a USB, but it can also perform the task via internet, just like any other Trojan horse, by “using a document or link that the software loads when the user clicks on it.”

Long gone are the days when we could feel secured in our privacy….




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