Senegal: Marabouts 2.0, the New Blogging Stars


Last Thursday (August 1st), the #NdadjéTweetup brought together Senegalese bloggers along with various web players. Amongst these internet experts, two of them left a strong mark within the blogging community.

Together, the two bloggers have accumulated 7 million visits and thousands of comments on their blogs. They discuss therapeutic plants, solutions to issues within couples etc. The bloggers we are speaking of are none other than two marabouts: Serigne Samba Ndiaye and Serigne Lamine Bara Fall.

These “Marabouts 2.0“, Senegal’s blogging stars, have clearly understood the benefits in have an online presence.

Being traditional medicine specialists, the marabouts use their blogs as a platform through which they can give advice to patients, and promote their products or remedies. Their posts revolve around recommendations, but mostly tion.provide couples with remedies for intimacy issues such as premature. Although they are marabouts, they have understood that sex is sought out on the internet and therefore, they speak about it openly.

For those who are interested by their content, visit their blogs here:

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