No More “SkyDrive”!


Do you remember the court case that Microsoft lost at the end of June to BSkyB, the satellite TV operator?

Microsoft will have to change the name of its online storage service as there was no agreement made with British Sky Broadcasting with regards to the name “SkyDrive”. The British company does not want Microsoft to continue to use the name as it is very similar to its channel “Sky”.

The many attempts that were made by Microsoft in order to find an agreement did not avail and the two firms published this Wednesday a document that stipulates that Microsoft will have to change the name of its service.

Although the court decision only concerns Europe, one can assume that Microsoft will change SkyDrive’s name all over the globe in order to keep it consistent.

Microsoft has added that it will not appeal the judicial decision while BSkyB has noted that the “Microsoft [will] continue using the SkyDrive name for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand.”  To sum it up, the only agreement that was made is that the Microsoft will have a bit of time to rename SkyDrive.





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