Egypt: El-Meslemani Dis-“likes” Facebook


Ahmed EL-MESLEMANI, Egypt’s presidential media advisor, disapproves of social networks, and particularly the role that Facebook campaigns play in the organization of protests. He stated that these do not help in building the nation and the future. He added, “Clashes and nihilistic approaches on social networking pages, are threatening our future“.

The use of social media has been the principal driver of revolutions in Maghreb for the past few years. For EL-MESLEMANI however, cultural, scientific,  and economic realities need a real revolution in both reform and progress. “Some people wrongly think that battlefields are limited to internet wars, and smear campaigns against people’s will and the army’s value. Such unethical campaigns only distract people from achieving Egypt’s civilization project,” he further stated.

Ever since the Jasmine Revolution in various countries of the Maghreb, Facebook has indeed become a platform for political and ideological clashes.


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