A Doctor In Your Mouth!




A Taiwanese university student by the name of Hao-Hua CHU is working with his team to set up a Wi-Fi sensor that would be installed into the dentures. The sensor will be placed in the user’s mouth and will be able to warn and alert your doctor if you are suddenly victim of a sweet craving or that you are eating foods that are not recommended for your health. The project is to help all those who have a hard time kicking off their addictions.

At the moment, the project is still in the R&D (research and development) phase as the Wi-Fi sensor requires an external energy source to work. However, a new version that will be energy independent has been created and is being tested on several people with promising results. In fact, CHU and his team are now looking to present prototypes of this sensor in September 2013 during the ISWC 2013 conference–a conference dedicated to the high-end technology in wearable technology.


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