Ivory Coast: The Administration Goes 2.0



In Ivory Coast, government intitutions are moving towards modernization. The Ministry of Mail and ICT has launched PSA campaign for its project called “e-Gouv“. The campaign’s goal is to improve the work conditions of the agents with the Ivorian administration through the use of technology tools.

To achieve this, the electronic governance project has made availble to all the ministries a set of basic tools that will enable work, communication and collaboration. These tools, which are essentially electronic messaging systems and video-call conferences. All of this comes with a built-in phonebook that will simplify the search for contacts, creating a sort of intranet that connects the various national bureaucratic services.

“E-gouv”, which has been deployed in all across the Ministries in Ivory Coast and is hoping to push the new system to head of cabinets, cabinet directors and the heads of IT services to raise their awareness on the importance of modernizing the Ivorian administration with the help of new technologies.


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