Orange Money Calls Total Gas Stations Home


Network provider Orange is hoping to pull a hat trick by signing an agreement with Total, to make mobile money transfer Orange Money  available in all the gas stations where the French company is present in Africa and the Middle East.

The total number of countries where both companies are present and where Orange Money is available is 13. This partnership will enable subscribers to money transfer service to withdraw, deposit or even open accounts.

According to the press release published by Orange, the first stage of the partnership which is already in place in Senegal and Cameroon will be deployed in over 1,300 gas stations in the second half of the year 2013.g their

The second stage will give Orange Money enable Orange Money customers to pay for their purchases in Total gas-stations by using their mobile accounts.

Though the network provider is leader on the African market, it still struggles to leave a mark the way that Safaricom has done with Mpesa. With this partnership, this issue could be solved…


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