Google’s Surprise Gadget: “Chromecast”


Yesterday Google 2 new products live, when we expected just one. After a presentation of what is to come with the new Nexus 7 the company surprised the attendees when it announced its new gadget Chromecast.

Chromecast is a dongle that uses the HDMI port to be connected to your TV so that you can transfer, in a single click, the content on your computer/tablet/cellphone directly to your TV. And the best part? The Comecast is already for sale in the US for the amazing price of $35).

This might be the one for Google as it has for quite some time wanted to take a spot on TV screens, but failed until now.

After the failed partnership between the firm and Sony when it launched “Set-top box”, the Google TV‘s demise or even more recently the missed launch of the Nexu Q. it would appear that the search engine has come up with the right recipe. In one click, Chromecast will allow you to share what you are enjoying on  your device onto a big screen.

It will be interesting to see ow the American users will feel towards this new product before it comes our way…


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