Rumor Has It: Nokia to Announce Something “BIG” Today


According to several media outlets, Nokia is to announce the launch of the Lumia 625, a phone that shouldn’t really have many mind-blowing features (it will run as a Windows Phone, have a 4,7″ with a 800×480 pixels resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with a 512 Mo RAM and a 5 megapixels APN. The phone will cost about $300).

The brand’s biggest issue is perhaps that it continues to be slowed down by the Windows operating system which requires a lot of booting time, despite its undeniable quality.

Nokia was Africa’s long-time favorite brand.  Nokia has recently see the African market be saturated by Samsung‘s omnipresence. The Finnish firm has however still retains loyalty from ex-users of the brand’s devices. Users often reminisce on the devices’ durability.

Let’s hope that with this new phone the brand will set its eyes on the African continent again….

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