Security Breach Found in SIM Cards!


Those still going around using dumbphones were spared from the vicious malware that strike smartphones again and again…Well that was until famous German cryptograph, Karsten NOHL announced that he found security breaches in….wait for it….SIM cards!

The news came straight from NOHL believes that he has an arena of software bugs that could affect millions of SIM cards and enable a new method for spying and fraud.

The German researcher, who will be presenting his findings during the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas on July 31st has stated that his hack is the first of its kind in over a decade. His team and him have tested the vulnerability of 1,000 SIM cards by sending hidden SMS.

The breach is based on an old security norm and badly written code could allow hackers to infect a SIM card remotely with a virus  which could send premium texts, make calles, record or even perform frauds using payment systems such as Mpesa, Orange Money and others. This could be extremely threatening to the African continent where payments involving SIM cards are widely spread.

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