Instagram will release its very own camera


The Socialmatic project will finally come to life! The famous American company, Polaroid, has taken on the mission of building the Socialmatic, which is in fact a camera based on the photo sharing application, Instagram. The camera’s curvy-edged design, created by the Italian designer Antonio DE ROSA, imitates that of the application’s logo.

Aside from its social characteristics (such as direct uploads to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), the Socialmatic’s most exciting features are, without a doubt, its instantaneous printing ability along with the presence of a QR Code within it. This code will allow Socialmatic owners to follow other photographers and their work by simply scanning it with their device.

Socialmatic 2

This device equipped with a 4.3 inch touchscreen will run a version of Android, and will have the following features:

  • 2 cameras: 14 megapixels at the front and 2 megapixels at the back
  • an optical zoom
  • a LED flash
  • a 16GB or 32GB storage capacity
  • Wifi-only or Wifi + 3G connectivity depending on the model
  • Bluetooth and GPS in order for users to geotag  their photos
  • a built-in printer with ZINK technology

The Socialmatic will be available in 2014 for $299.

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