Apple’s Dev Site Leaks +275,000 Account Information After “Hack”


Over 275,000 registered developer accounts have been compromised following a cyber attack last Thursday on Apple’s developer center site. Since then, the site has been down so that the company can investigate on the extent of the damage that was caused through the attack.

The man behind the attack is Ibrahim BALIC, an IT security researcher who claims his intentions were merely to show that Apple was leaking user information. He says that he found “a total of 13 bugs and reported [them] directly one by one to Apple. Just after my reporting [the] dev center got closed. I have not heard anything from them, and they announced that they got attacked.”

Apple spokesperson Tom NEWMAYR has stated that, ““The website that was breached is not associated with any customer information,” and apologized for the downtime is taking longer than they expected.

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