Apple Buys Nigerian Start-Up HopStop!


His name is Chinedu ECHERUO and his StarUp, HopStop was just bought by Apple.

The young Nigerian pursued his primary and secondary education in his native country before going to America. There, he obtained his BS from Syracuse University and MBA from Harvard.

After working for Wall Street, he created his StartUp in 2005 which is a “transit guide”. HopStop provides valuable information on New York’s metro, bus roads, maps of the city and other metropolitan areas.

In 2009, he leaves the company and Joe MEYER becomes the CEO to join the firm Constant Capital and be at the head of the investment group. Despite working there, CHINEDU remained on the president of HopStop‘s advisory board.

Though the news hasn’t been made public yet, HopStop has been bought by Apple at an unknown amount, after the Californian firm failed to buy the Israeli startup Waze (which is often compared to HopStop).

During an interview with, he was asked what his favorite motto was and he answered, “fortuna, farvis fortius.” Which means: “fortune favors the brave.”


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